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We congratulate on a holiday, dear fellow countrymen!

December 31 - World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day


To Azerbaijanis of the world!

Dear fellow countrymen!
Dear compatriots!

Our compatriots celebrate every year on December 31 one of the most precious holidays - the World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day, which became a symbol of our national unity.

This holiday established by the Supreme Majlis of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in December 1991 at the initiative of national leader Heydar Aliyev and adopted some time later throughout the country strengthens such lofty feelings as affection for homeland, dedication to the people, respect to its history and culture, and help to hand down to next generations the moral and spiritual values uniting us.

The government of Azerbaijan pays constant attention to solidifying unity and solidarity of Azerbaijanis living in various countries and making them an organized, mobile and active force, and supports this significant process comprehensively, considering it an important task. The Diaspora building work already produces positive results. Our compatriots integrate today into the socio-economic, socio-political and cultural life of the countries they live in and actively help to expand international ties of our state.

No one challenge the role of our Diaspora organizations in popularizing our rich and multifaceted cultural heritage, preventing hostile ideological activity of Armenian nationalists. We also attach serious importance to establishment of close cooperation of our compatriots with lobby and Diasporas of friendly countries, always unambiguously support initiatives and steps taken in this field.

The independent Republic of Azerbaijan is the native land and reliable support for all world Azerbaijanis. Our highest task is to strengthen and cherish it like the apple of our eye. Our country has today entered on a brand-new era in its development. Reforms carried out during past years led to establishment of a stable and sustainable political and legal system and strong economic potential.

The Azerbaijani economy has stood a difficult trial of present time, and despite the crisis, which hit the world hard, kept growing steadily. Now, we strongly state that our country has completed transition from the socialist economy to the market one and solved problems inherent to this period. It provides favorable conditions for improving welfare of our people, meeting their social needs, ensuring progress of science and culture, reliably protecting human rights and freedoms.
The government of Azerbaijan is able to successfully overcome obstacles on its way.

The only problem, which makes us concerned today, is the fact that the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh was not solved and territorial integrity of our state was violated. We take all necessary steps to achieve a peaceful and fair resolution of this complicated and sensitive problem. I think the soonest resolution of this problem, which is the major obstacle on the path to development of our young country, is an important task facing not only Azerbaijani state, but also all our compatriots.

Therefore, world Azerbaijanis whose hearts beat with love for homeland, must step up their efforts in this direction, work more steadfastly to inform governments and public of foreign countries, international organizations about the nature of the problem. Keeping abreast of all processes in the world, our Diaspora organizations must increase their mobility, find new forms of fruitful cooperation with Diaspora centers of other nations and take quick and adequate steps towards provocations against our country.

Dear fellow countrymen!
Dear compatriots!

On the eve of the World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day, I call on you to unite in the name of protection of national interests, progress and international prestige of our independent state, and to work more fruitfully.

I cordially congratulate all of your on this precious holiday, wish your happiness, welfare and success in all your activities!

Ilham Aliyev
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan


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